Salaried individuals

As a salaried individual you strive hard to offer a better standard of living to your family. In the meanwhile, you grapple towards various challenges like inflation, taxation, child’s education & marriage, life & medical insurance, taking a vacation, buying a new house, retirement pension planning, etc. You have to make sure that your family, career and personal commitments are met along with adequate wealth creation to meet your retirement needs.

Here’s where we come into your life to share our expertise. Your goals are accomplished by our SMART action plans. By SMART, we mean Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound action plan which are regularly monitored by us. We have array of cherry-picked SMART offerings for each of your goals based on your risk taking abilities. You can bank on us for attaining your objective of long term wealth creation finally resulting into financial freedom.


As a successful retiree, you would have achieved and accomplished all of your responsibilities during your illustrious and glorious career. Post retirement you tend to seek and pursue your passion and things which you have left out during your career like learning a new art, teaching, spending quality time with children and grandchildren, gardening, etc. At times, we observe you are worried about key challenges such as proper allocation & preservation of your wealth, regular monthly income, medical care, risk averse, legacy, will, etc.

Here’s where we pitch in. We provide feasible financial solutions which take care of your monthly fixed and any unforeseen expenditure. We understand your priorities and advise you to focus on liquidity and capital preservation with an ideal mix of debt products. We ensure that your wealth takes care of your family’s financial health.

We welcome you to our Falcon Wealth Solutions family and assure you have a rewarding goal seeking journey…


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